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Quilting Prices

Edge to Edge, no separate border

.015 per square inch

To find the quilting cost for your quilt, multiply the length of your quilt in inches by the width of your quilt, in inches.  Multiply that result by .015.  If my lap quilt is 65 inches long by 55 inches wide.  65 x 55 = 3,575 square inches.  3,575 x .015 = $53.62

Select the Patterns button to view over 100 designs.  New patterns added each month.

Semi Custom: Edge to Edge with separate Border

.02 per square inch

Some quilts are enhanced with a separate border design, especially those with a solid or solid-read fabric for an outer border.  Choose a pattern style and I will coordinate a border that compliments your quilt and enhances the edge to edge design that you have selected.  If your quilt has multiple borders, each additional border (not including the first one) adds $20 to the total cost of your quilt.







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93" wide Quilters Dream Batting products in stock

100% COTTON, SELECT LOFT, NATURAL....$11.40/yd

100% COTTON, SELECT LOFT, WHITE....$12.75/yd

100% WOOL....$14.40/yd

80/20 COTTON/POLY BLEND, NATURAL....$9.18/yd

80/20 COTTON/POLY BLEND, WHITE....$11.19/yd

100% MIDNIGHT BLACK POLY....$9.33/yd

Quilters Dream Batting uses the softest silkiest high-quality fibers so that your quilt will resist shrinkage and stay soft yet strong and wonderfully drapeable.  This premium quality quilt batting will provide warmth, drape, volume, definition and support to your quilt through generations. 


when you purchase your batting with us!

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Binding Service

Binding Service

Optional half or full double-fold binding services are available.  The binding is cut 2 ½" wide on the crosswise grain from fabric that you provide.  If you prefer bias cut binding, please cut, press and send with your quilt.  All binding is sewn by machine with mitered corners and joins.

Half binding:  the binding is stitched to one side of the quilt for you to finish.  .15¢ per linear inch

Full binding:  the binding is stitched to both sides of the quilt and you receive it ready to use.  .25¢ per linear inch

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Preparing your quilt top

It is our desire to provide you with the best quilting service possible.  Before you send your quilt, please

  • make sure your backing fabric is 3 inches larger than your quilt top on each side.  [Example: Quilt measures 40" wide x 60" long.  The backing fabric should be a minimum of 46" wide x 66" long.]

  • make sure there are no open seams.

  • trim excess threads.  

  • refrain from adding embellishments to your quilt until after the quilting.  Yo-yos, buttons and beads can catch on the machine’s hopping foot and cause a tear in your quilt and/or damage to the embellishment.

  • Indicate if your quilt is directional by marking the top with painters tape or a safety pin [please, no straight pins!] so that the quilting design is correctly placed.  

  • Complete and submit an order form to secure your place in line.  I will notify you as soon as your quilt arrives and provide an estimated completion date.

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Quality quilting thread is available in a stunning array of colors for $1 per bobbin.  You may request a specific color or let us choose the best blender.  The amount used depends on the density of the quilting pattern.  For example, a baby quilt can take between 2 and 6 bobbins.  The average is 3.

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